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March 02, 2007



My observation of today's society is that most people don't care to discuss heavy issues like this. They don't want to read about it; they don't want to talk about it. It's too huge for them. But, as you know, I'm a bottom-line type of person and I see the bottom-line being the enemy's desire to keep us overwhelmed, over-indulged, self-centered, extremely busy in our own issues. The world is shouting all kinds of issues at us today so we turn it off or else we tune into what we want to hear -- something comforting. "I deserve a break today" may be an old slogan but it's alive and well.
Those of us who follow Christ have to learn to listen to His whisper in the midst of all the noise. We have to make ourselves stop and listen and hear the heartbeat of the suffering. And we have to come to the Scriptural understanding that God calls us to make a difference. Paul, I want to be part of that difference and help to open deaf ears. I look forward to seeing the new things you are doing with Traffic Jam.


I can't believe the numbers.
You ask:
Did you know that this is the reality of the world that you live in?
I answer:
It is so easy to forget this reality, so tempting to pretend it doesn't exist. So difficult to imagine, so painful to comprehend.


Father, my heart cries out for the situation of your helpless children held in slavery. Lord please comfort and call blessed these mourning ones as you equip us for the fight to rescue them.
My King, raise up an mighty army for this cause, teach us the strategy to overcome the enemy, cause a massive traffic jam in the trade of women and children, thwart the devil and his abuses on these who you call precious.

"Bless the LORD, who is my rock. He gives me strength for war and skill for battle." Psalm 144:1

We stand ready Lord, to fight for the freedom of these precious children.

Come Holy Spirit and break the bondages as we look to you.

In Jesus' name, Amen


This one was hard to swallow but yet so true.


Our country adds to the problem. American men traveling to places like Thailand, Cambodia, Costa Rica and Brazil on "sex tours" to have sex with children in anonymity. It's wrong, it's illegal, it breaks His/my heart.

John Mullen

Well slavery was not abolished by William Wilberforce fundamentally. A combination of three forces abolished slavery

1) slave revolts - on the ships, and in the West Indies
2) A mass movement in Britain, started by Quakers, but taken up by many thousands of men and women, especially textile workers in the North of England.
3) Political opposition to the West Indian planters, for other reaons which had little to do with slavery

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